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Owner Robert Dawes has spent over 5 years studying canine anatomy and dog evolution, and prides his business on the understanding that dogs are carnivores and the direct descendants of grey wolves:

“At Inner Wolf we believe that dogs have evolved over thousands of years as hunters and scavengers, and are designed to thrive on a natural varied diet of fresh biologically appropriate raw foods (BARF). Cereals and grains are not part of our companion carnivore’s natural diet but because they are cheaper than fresh meats they are used to bulk-up most commercial pet foods. At Inner Wolf we…”

We offer honest advice and quality products. All our foods are classed as “Biologically Appropriate”, meaning the food mimics our pet’s natural diet. To believe our canine companions are designed to eat the exact same highly processed ‘grain - based’ commercial pet food in the same portion, day in, day out, is simply ludicrous. The term ‘100% complete and balanced’ branded on most commercial pet foods is nothing more than a scare tactic - feed anything else and you’ll harm your dog. The reality is quite the opposite. For example, a bag of adult commercial pet food branded ‘100% complete and balanced, suitable for all breeds’ makes absolutely no sense! Consider the age, lifestyle and personality of your pet. All dogs are individuals with different needs, so how can one highly-processed commercial product made up of mainly grains and cereals, rendered meat and synthetic vitamins and minerals match all their nutritional needs 100%? The answer, simply put, is that it can’t!

Of course dogs need a complete and balanced diet, just as we do, but, as long as they are eating the right foods, the complete balance will come over time. Think about it like this: when did you last measure every single ingredient to make sure you’ve got a 100% balanced meal? We simply don’t do that! We get the balance over time by eating a varied diet of natural foods. Remember, dogs have evolved over thousands of years as hunter/scavengers, surviving and thriving on whatever fresh foods and prey that were available. There certainly weren’t any ‘100% complete and balanced’ commercial pet foods around in those days.
We at Inner Wolf find that in today’s world the growing number of diseases, allergies, skin conditions, joint problems, obesity, diabetes, loose and smelly poo’s, bad breath, greasy, stinky coat etc, is both unacceptable and unnecessary. We aim to educate people that these health problems are not the norm and we want to assist them in giving their dogs the healthy and happy lives they deserve.

We offer all the advice and products to get you started and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Once you see the amazing difference a natural diet can have on your pet you’ll find yourself looking more deeply into the concept of a natural diet. You’ll start to gain an understanding of how the natural diet works and you’ll feel great that you’re providing your dog with the best possible chance of a healthy and happy life’. You’ll also become aware of commercial marketing and branding scams.

Things to expect from a Biologically Appropriate diet of healthy fresh foods:

• cleaner teeth
• shinier coat
• healthier skin
• no bad breath
• lots of energy
• less fat, and more muscle
• bright eyes
• smaller, firmer, less smelly stools
• less health problems and less vet bills
• pups grow at a better rate- stops fast growth spurts
• less or nonexistent arthritis
• better weight control
• no doggy odour
• dogs are living longer, healthier lives
• bitches manage pregnancies better

Your dogs body has the amazing ability to self heal and reverse many of the common health issues we see in our dogs today, let itchy red skin, greasy smelly coats, bad teeth, foul breath, loose stools etc all be a thing of the past, they’re not the norm and you or your dog don’t have to put up with it. A proper natural diet can cure all these problems in incredibly quick time, so why not try something else other than harmful and more often than not ‘ineffective’ conventional drugs to these problems and give a Biologically Appropriate diet ago.

We encourage you to give us a try, we’re sure you and your pooch won’t regret it

See the difference.....feed your dogs Inner Wolf!

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